Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Your love

So many times in the midst of life, there is nothing to think about but all of my mistakes. All the things that hurt me and all the things that I have done to hurt people. Lately this overwhelming sense of pride has been weighing on my shoulders. I feel as if I want everyone to looks to me and say, "Woah, isn't she so great." But the thing is, I don't want that. Sure, recognition and fame can take someone somewhere but when it comes to Christ who died for me, shouldn't he be the one we all look up to and say, "Woah, isn't HE so great." He deserves that and so much more. There are so many things that I lack but an important one is love. Sounds simple doesn't it, just love more. Then why am I not doing it? I'm pretty sure it is because I am so consumed with myself and my desires that I cannot focus on loving others. Most importantly, loving God. I think now a days, all a blogger wants is followers, comments and love from other people but God is teaching me that all I need is his love. I want that love to spread into the life of anyone who reads this. God loves you and he does not want to hurt you. I want my life to imitate the love that he gave, gives, and will give this world.

This song has been on my heart to share, and just listen to it. It's a good reminder of who I am living for.

Him before me

Love, Hannah 

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